Physical Activity for Seniors

Physical activity is very important for seniors.

Keep as active as possible.

Inactivity weakens your muscles. Exercise helps maintain (or improve) your gait, balance, agility, and posture.

Physical activity of 30 minutes a day will improve your health and quality of life.

Walking, dancing, housework, bicycling and gardening are some examples. Schedule time for yourself to do this. Start today.

Many shopping centers, as a public service, open their doors early, exclusively to walkers. The walking enthusiasts get to walk the entire mall before the stores open and regular shoppers crowd the hallways. This enables seniors to exercise even during inclement weather. See if this is offered in your area.

Studies show that seniors who practice the Chinese martial art, Tai Chi, have fewer falls and less fear of falling.

Researchers found that Tai Chi boosts self-confidence and enhances body balance. Tai Chi classes for seniors are held in some communities.

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Last reviewed: July 2007
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