Fitness Resources

Here's a list of resources that can help you start a balanced fitness program.

  • Arthritis Foundation
    The Arthritis Foundation offers a variety of recreational programs for people with arthritis ranging from aquatic classes to exercise videotapes. Most state Arthritis Foundation chapter offices have information on fitness programs for people with arthritis. To locate your nearest chapter office, call (800) 283-7800.
    Both organizations offer exercise programs for older adults-from general health and fitness courses to swimming classes. To locate the nearest YMCA/YWCA in your area, check the yellow pages in the phone book.
  • American Association for Retired Persons
    The American Association for Retired Persons offers a brochure called "Pep Up Your Life" that includes a series of exercises that can be performed at home. It is available to members free of charge by calling (800) 424-3410.
  • Local Senior or Community Centers
    Most communities sponsor exercise classes geared to older adults. The courses usually are held at senior or community centers. Contact your local town hall for class schedules or check the yellow pages for a listing of the nearest senior or community center in your area.
  • Health Clubs
    Many health clubs offer specialized exercise classes for older adults. Before joining, ask the health club manager if they sponsor courses geared to your health and fitness needs.
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Last reviewed: March 2000
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